Massivit 3D printed concept car

Massivit targets UK engineering with large-build 3D printing

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Massivit has announced its plans to promote its large format polymer 3D Printing technology at UK engineering companies, following a new partnership with reseller Solid Print3D.

Known for its huge 3D printing output and favoured in sectors like retail displays and stage props, the move also marks the company’s reinvigorated stance to permeate the EMEA market.

Massivit states that its move into the engineering arena is fuelled by what it sees as a market gap among designers and manufacturers when it comes to high-speed production of full-scale prototypes and tooling.

Massivit CEO Erez Zimerman, said: “We believe that manufacturers and designers can now gain enormous business value from Massivit 3D’s technology that has been shown to shave weeks off the product development phase, ultimately shortening time-to-market.”

Massivit MLB store
Massivit’s technology has seen use in custom retail displays, such as this giant baseball player

“We feel integrating Massivit 3D into our portfolio allows us to supply a unique 3D printing technology that will engage multiple markets thanks to its speed and size,” added Solid Print3D MD Neil Sewell.

“With the ability to produce large parts quicker than any other technology, we believe Massivit 3D is a disruptor and will transform the large-volume 3D printing marketplace.”

Massivit’s technology has already been used for projects like Takumi Yamamoto’s DB concept car, which was 3D-printed in a handful of sections, joined together and painted ready for the Festival Automobile International in 2019 [main image].


Zimerman concluded: “We are thrilled to forge this partnership with Solid Print3D, an established provider of comprehensive 3D printing solutions and services. We see this as an essential step forwards in further permeating the EMEA region and introducing to the UK and Ireland the clear benefits of production speed and scale facilitated by large-volume 3D printing.”

Solid Print3D says that it will be collaborating with Massivit 3D in the coming months to host various webinars and virtual demonstration as it looks to appeal to the automotive, marine, architecture, and energy industries.

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