VIDEO: How do you decorate mass produced fishing lures?

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The vector images can be taken straight into CAM using ArtCAM

I know it’s been on your mind all day, niggling away at you for hours: ‘how do they decorate lovely fishing lures with such ornate lines?’

Well thanks to Die Stampco, Michigan’s finest, er, die stamp company, we now know.

In this video they explain how it uses Delcam’s ArtCAM to import vector artwork directly into the CADCAM software.

The software can switch simply between all the different CNC machines in the Die Stampco factory, meaning rotary milling from magnesium can start quickly


From this they can begin engraving a magnesium mould in minutes – previously this could take up to 8 hours to get right- and the team have moved into using PowerShape too, hoping to speed the process up even further

This mould then creates the contoured rubber die that’s then applied into the stamp for applying the fishing lure decoration.

Die Stampco also get extra points for having a website straight outta’ 1996.


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