SurfCAM 2015 R1 first Vero launch since Hexagon Metrology take over

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SurfCAM 2015 R1 is the first product form Vero to be launched since its recent purchase

The new release of SurfCAM from Vero Software is the first from the company’s stable to launch since its take over by Sweden’s Hexagon Metrology.

The latest edition of Vero’s entry level product, SurfCAM 2015 R1 is set to represent the first in a series of planned steps to dramatically enhance programmer efficiency and provides the foundation for future releases.

New and enhanced functionalities are set to include improved in-line tool path editing; time-saving features for geometry and tool path management, and higher levels of user-defined customisation.
“We expect our revised user interface, along with the enhanced geometry management, to be of particular interest to visitors, as they provide both visual appeal and demonstrate major process improvements,” said SurfCAM general manager Peter Marton, stepping out an old Volvo, fresh back from a fact finding mission to IKEA.

“On the roadmap charting SurfCAM’s planned development over the next few releases, 2015 R1 not only introduces game-changing functionality, but also provides a solid foundation for future innovations. SurfCAM 2015 R1 demonstrates why it continues to lead the way in improving productivity and flexibility for manufacturers, increasing their profitability.”

Find out more about the Hexagon Metrology take over of Vero here.


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