NAFEMS World Congress – biennial global event to be held in San Diego

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NAFEMS’ 2015 event will cover all the major changes in software, hardware, and techniques for simulation and analysis in engineering

The biannual NAFEMS World Congress (WC) has announced San Diego as its venue for next year, with the even taking place on 21 July 2015.

Engineering analysis, modeling and simulation never stands still with the pace of change in software, hardware, techniques and best practice moving at blistering speed, making events like NAFEMS WC super important.

As the international association dedicated to engineering analysis and simulation, NAFEMS has gained respect as being the independent voice of the CAE community, representing over 1,200 member organisations worldwide including prominent software vendors, global manufacturing industry and leading academic institutions.

San Diego has been chosen as the venue for the biannual event


The Congress will also incorporate the second International Conference on Simulation Process & Data Management.

Over the past three years, NAFEMS has held a series of dedicated conferences on the topic of simulation data and process management and will run this alongside the NAFEMS WC in 2015.

A call for papers has also been made, giving you or your organisation the chance to present your knowhow on stage at the event. Deadline for entries is 17 November 2014.

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