UK seen as a candidate for the construction of a full-length Hyperloop

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Will the UK’s engineering and technology skills lead to the first Hyperloop transportation system?

Bibop G Gresta, COO and deputy chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the 760mph capsule-based transportation system pioneered by Elon Musk, has suggested the UK could be first to benefit.

Gresta said “We see the UK as one of the first possible candidates for the construction of a full length Hyperloop. We at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have the technology to connect London to Glasgow in as little as 30 mins. And we could build it within five years time.”

He added that “London and the UK are one of Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurship centres with a thriving startup ecosystem and world class innovative transport infrastructure projects – it’s great to be on the scene at such an exciting time.”
Speaking at BaseStone’s Construct//Disrupt in London Gresta was part of a line-up exploring the future of transportation technologies and engineering.

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