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M-Base acquired by Altair for plastics material data

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M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH, a supplier of material databases with a focus on plastics has been acquired by Altair as the company looks to bolster its high-fidelity plastics database.

M-Base’s offering covers the complete lifecycle of material data, from testing and test evaluation to computer-aided engineering interfaces.

Altair has been investing significantly in the area of material modelling, with the company announcing the acquisition of M-Base as an important step to deliver comprehensive material information to predict and optimise product performance through simulation.

“M-Base brings to Altair first-rate plastics material data supplied directly by material producers, deep knowledge in material database technology, and plastics material data preparation from raw data to data consumable by designers and engineers,” said an Altair spokesperson.

Additionally, M-Base is the official software supplier to Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards (CAMPUS), the world’s most successful plastic material database, adhering to rigorous international standards.

Altair says that it will continue to invest in CAMPUS to ensure consistent, high-quality material data for customers to drive accurate simulation results.

“The integration of M-Base into the Altair ecosystem brings deep knowledge and experience in material database projects, as well as the high-quality data our customers require to improve the design of their products,” said Altair CEO James Scapa.


“It also expands our presence in the plastics industry, as M-Base holds strong relationships with plastics manufacturers and the gold standard, CAMPUS. We look forward to working deeply with CAMPUS members to grow together.”

“Integrating our technology and Material Data Center with Altair will provide excellent functionality for engineers and designers during material selection and product development processes,” said M-Base co-founder Dr. Erwin Baur.

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