‘Tolerance kit’ to test your 3D printer’s capabilities

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3DKitBash’s tolerance chips are designed to let you know the capabilities of your machine

3DKitBash, a small group of professional toy developers, want to help Makers to build better, and faster whatever 3D printer they’re using.

To do this they’ve come up with a kit to help eliminate the painful moment when your printer is unable to achieve the high details and modelling characteristics, only to leave you kicking yourself that you’ve wasted a ton of material and time.

The kit will consists of 8 ‘tolerance chips’, each featuring unique characteristics at various scales and intervals. From these you can see how your 3D Printer handles differing shapes and forms for minimal cost and material waste.

The chips consist of spikes (positive and negative), controlled cuts, ridges, text (positive and negative), flexibility, overhangs and textures (positive and negative).


“We want to help makers, inventors, and 3D explorers do their thing better and faster. It’s a passion of ours and one that keeps us constantly on the move,” explains Quincy Robinson, via 3DKitBash’s Kickstarter page.

“As for the quality of our future tolerance chips, I hope our history can speak for us in that we’ve been creating prototypes and inventions for global toy companies for a long time (the past 10 years). Here recently (the last two years) we’ve also been digitally sculpting for the highly detail scrutinising toy industry.

“Barbie, Monster High, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and a host of others who have all given us the stamp of approval. We hope you will too.”

It’s a nice idea for those new to picking up a 3D printer and needing a benchmark of what a printer can physically do – more use than the standard Yoda head or chess piece.

If you want to support this set and make it a reality, then head on over to its Kickstarter page here, although it’s already reached its funding target.


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