Custom furniture design made simple through automation

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Tabluka is a new concept that allows consumers to customise and personalise their furniture, using online tools.

Each table is a flat-pack, quick self-assembly unit, requiring no tools or screws to be needed, with the idea being that you custom design your table online, with it manufactured using the benefits of mass production.

It’s still a bit rough around the edges (the website, not the tables), but it is constantly being advanced, mainly in thanks to DriveWorks’ 3D CAD design automation tools.

“The Tabluka online experience is achieved using DriveWorks Live which means in the background all of the design and engineering data is captured and driven according to what the user specifies,” says Tabluka founder Daniel Knox.

“This allows each Tabluka design to be individually customised making it personal to each customer.”


DriveWorks has made the Tabluka online 3D preview experience possible by holding all the design and engineering information electronically and presenting it on the website in a way that allows the user to drive the 3D model.

Due to all the engineering information being stored, the design to order process can be compressed, helping make the stereotypically high cost of custom designed furniture more affordable to a wider audience.

At the minute products are limited to CNC-machined birch plywood, with a range of coatings and features to make it an ideal custom fit (and theoretically portable) workshop table, although this could easily expand in the future.

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