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This week’s question is all about what you look for in a job

Following the success of last week’s poll, we took a little time to analyse the results, locking away D3D’s editor in chief with the stats – here’s what he had to say:

“The results are in from our first weekly poll and we got a good response, enough to show that there’s some interesting results and conclusions to be drawn.

The first is that the D3D audience is one of early adopters, with a 38% jumping on a new release of their workhorse software on the first release. Add in the fact that another 26% of users will get on board after the first service pack is released.

For me, the third place in any poll is always interesting as you can usually guess the first two. In third place are those that wait until the third party applications are ready.

This is something that’s come up in recent months as a constant source of criticism from some users – the delay between a major software release, the development team releasing the updated API (Application Programming Interface – on which third party vendor’s rely) and the third party development community being able to update, test and ship their products for that new release.


Some vendors wait a whole 6 months before getting the API code out to the partner community and that’s clearly causing something of a sticking point. Finally, its interesting that the number of users that upgrade both when their clients do so or their IT department approve it is telling.

So, further questions I wonder about are these, particularly relating to the third party add-on world. Are those mission critical applications that you’re waiting on, are they CAM solutions, data management solutions or more specialised tools? Also, how do you know when your clients have upgraded? Is a diktat sent out or is it more informal?”

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But now for some more Monday morning clickable democracy with our question for this week:

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