Autodesk to release Inventor Publisher Mobile

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We’ve been talking Inventor Publisher for sometime, since getting a quick look at it at Autodesk University last year. Providing a system for taking 3D data and creating work instructions, graphical service instructions and the like, it shipped with Inventor 2011. At the time of the launch, the team also showed how the instructions could be delivered via Apple’s iPhone. The new is that the team is going to shipping these tools later in the year in the form of the Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app. Along with this, the main application is going to be enhanced with tools to add detail views, section planes, bill of materials (BOMs), and parts lists. It’ll be available the end of September (varying globally) – and we don’t know how much it’ll be because Autodesk has stopped publishing and giving price details of late.

Final note: Rob Cohee has a nifty little video that looks at the system and what it’ll be able to do.

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