Autonomous cars to go head to head in robotic AI race

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Daniel Simon, concept designer and automotive futurist, conceived the cars that will race in Roborace.

Nvidia is putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercomputers into the cars that will compete in the Roborace Championship, the first global autonomous motor sports competition.

Part of the new Formula E ePrix electric racing series, Roborace pits 10 teams, each with two driverless cars, against each other in one-hour races.
The teams will have identical cars, conceived by auto designer Daniel Simon, the man behind Tron: Legacy’s light cycles, who presented the keynote at DEVELOP3D LIVE in 2014. The only difference will be the software that ‘drives’ the cars.

Nvidia says its Drive PX 2 supercomputer provides the processing power of 150 MacBook Pros, enough to incorporate input from a vast array of sensors — radar, lidar, cameras, GPS and high-definition mapping, for starters.

The supercomputer has so-called deep learning capabilities — which use GPUs to help machines learn from the world around them — so they will get better the more they race. They are expected to reach speeds of 300kph (186mph).


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