3Diligent Launches Updated Service, Enters ERP Market

3Diligent updates part quoting system, adds new machineshop software

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3Diligent has updated its flagship service with on-demand quoting and search tools; while adding machine shop software to help manufacturers streamline digital manufacturing.

Equipped with a new name too, ProdEX allows product developers to source custom parts on demand through a secure web portal.

The ProdEX service includes dynamic assessment, quoting, and fulfilment of requests using 3Diligent’s proprietary algorithms.

3Diligent says that this includes powerful search tools that allow customers to rapidly search for and identify solutions from the ProdEX database of hundreds of machines and hundreds of materials.

This includes real-time part assessment and quoting features that allow customers to compare manufacturing options.

This works closely with 3Diligent Shopsight, a new manufacturing shop management software.

The idea is for an ecosystem where ProdEX is powered by users of Shopsight, through it offering shop managers manufacturing parts and products the opportunities to manage and enhance their operations.


Shopsight features integrated task lists, job routing and audit trails.

Additionally, shop operators seeking additional work in quiet patches can opt into receiving job opportunities from 3Diligent’s ProdEX service.

“3Diligent strives to accelerate innovation and advance Industry 4.0.” said 3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene.

“By empowering manufacturers with our Shopsight software and, in turn, enhancing the procurement experience for our ProdEX users, we have taken this pursuit to the next level,”

ProdEX is available now, with Shopsight software offered at no charge as part of its beta launch program.

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