Authentise tops connections for 3D printing devices

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Authentise has announced claims that it has connected to and receives data from more additive manufacturing device types than any other software developer.

Having recently worked with a number of 3D printing equipment providers, and partnered with SLM Solutions, it has connected devices to the Authentise 3Diax platform and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The information provided by them is used to automate actions through Authentise MES – actions including automatic order updates, in-depth traceability report creation or the training of machine learning models that can improve the accuracy of cost, time and maintenance estimates.
Data can now be received from ARCAM, 3D Systems, EOS, SLM, Stratasys, and HP additive manufacturing devices, among others, with more to come.

Authentise states that the machine data is also available independently through the Machine Analytics Module of the Authentise 3Diax platform. The Module allows users of additive manufacturing technology to create and use their own additive manufacturing automation workflows or to tie the data back into existing IT systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools.

“In many ways additive manufacturing is not taking advantage of its digital opportunity” said Authentise CEO Andre Wegner.

“We’re the first to use data to really scale up and take cost out of the process. In doing so we’re also providing a test bed for all of digital manufacturing as we’re going beyond predictive maintenance and analytics to enable immediate automation based on data. That drives nearly immediate return on investment of our customers.”


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