SolidWorks 2010 A-GO-GO

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Well, it seems that the SolidWorks 2010 is kicking up the usual storm of content online and it really doesn’t need me wading into the afray when you’ve got an army of bloggers who’ve been waiting with baited breath and clammy handed anticipation to give you the skinny since the Beta NDA was lifted a couple of days ago. So, if you’re looking for SolidWorks 2010 news, then perhaps you might check these tasty links:

There will be an enslaught of everything you could want to know about the 2010 release from all of the SolidWorks bloggers and there’s a pretty exhaustive list of where to find them here.

Josh will also be writing us a review of what’s coming up in SolidWorks 2010 in the next issue of DEVLOP3D, so stay tuned. 2010 is still in the beta cycle with the latest (the third) going live just in the last few days and you can still sign up if you want a peep at it.

And to think that the official launch press release isn’t even due till the end of the month. Some of the ’traditional’ media haven’t been too happy with the state of affairs, talking about embargoes and NDAs as the source of all evil and have been quite vocal in their opinions – Roopinder at tenlinks waded in with this, while Ralph Grabowski has been feeling all left out.

I do have to admit that I find peeps moaning about exclusivity when they could very easily have signed up for the Beta programme, gained some insight into how SolidWorks 2010 is shaping up somewhat ironic. Ralph sees himself as dealing with pre-news. How about some pre-work to find the story behind 2010 – which is exactly what the bloggers have done. OK. I’m done with the subject. It’s tedious.


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