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Nexa3D launches XiP desktop 3D printer

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Nexa3D has announced Xip, a desktop SLA 3D printer, that adds to its line-up of Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) systems, including the NXE 400 and dental-focused NXD 200.

With a 190 x 120 x 170 mm build volume and open materials platform makes this an interesting addition to the growing professional desktop 3D printer market, with future plans for the system hinted at already, with the launch model’s 52 µm STD pixel size, set to be “upgradeable to 25 µm when available”.

A smart resin cartridge adds to the ease of use when loading the 3D printer, including during printing. The XiP recognises the cartridge, with smart capabilities automatically authenticating and checking compatibility with the current build, as well as monitoring shelf life and quantity.

Materials at launch include Draft White, Gray, Black and Clear; Polypropylene-, ABS-, and PEEK-like; Elastomeric and a selection of dental resins.

The Xip also features a tool-less vat system, coupled with a gravity fed resin delivery system with touch-free material loading and ‘intelligent polymer levels’ in the vat, for a constant level to enable greater print optimisation.

The system allows for large builds of up to 1.3 kg to be continuously built without interruption.

The tool-less vat system clamps into place with electromagnets, simplifying and speeding up material changeover. Nexa3D say that vat life extends to around 50,000 layers through its proprietary membrane, or Everlast Interface, that comes into contact with the print. When not being used in printing, resin vats stack in a UV-blocking storage system extending the useful life of resins and preventing spills.


The company claims that its LSPc technology affords “up to 20x productivity” over competing SLA and DLP 3D printers on the market today,

With an RRP of $5,999, the Xip 3D printer is expected to ship in Q2 of 2022, with as yet unverified pricing for the ecosystem products.

“We wanted to make ultrafast 3D printing available and accessible to every business that could benefit,” said Nexa3D CEO Avi Reichental.

“The XiP will allow a wide range of users to create at the speed of thought — turning their ideas into products more quickly. We envision a world where all businesses can have a prototype product in their hand in the space of one day, while working sustainably, safely and responsibly.”

Nexa3D GM for desktop Mike Currie, added: “The XiP unites multiple innovations into a desktop package to radically transform how fast additive parts can be made. With XiP, you will see your parts come alive in real time, with zero sacrifices in quality.”

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