New dynamic tools for Siemens NX CAM simulation

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Longterm Technology Services (LTS) has launched its Dynmik Design tools, to add mould and die motion simulation to Siemens NX as part of the design verification process.

Developed as a user-friendly interface in conjunction with NX Tooling Design software, to add an accurate kinematics algorithm the verifies collision-checks, and provides velocity and acceleration analysis results.

The product presents the verified design to customers dynamically with motion animation simulating the production cycle, with the aim to help reduce costly corrections at trials.

Dynamik Design has solutions for both told and die


LTS is based in London, Canada, and is a Siemens Channel Partner and independent consulting firm with over 20 years of UG/NX experience in the automotive mould and tooling industries.

“You can improve everything out in your virtual world and have it work in the tool well before you’re in the manufacturing stage,” states Jamie Robinson, Engineering Manager at Omega Tool Corp, which tested the software.

“When we were doing our normal simulations which involves constraining geometry, plugging in values and going through the sequencing usually takes between 2-3 hours to do. With the software from Longterm, we were able to do it in half an hour-the same process-which was a huge advantage as there’s not a lot of time wasted and with the way it works so simply, you can verify and get results immediately.”

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