Sketching: Autodesk celebrates 5 years of Sketchbook mobile with all new version

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To celebrate its fifth birthday, Autodesk has updated the Sketchbook Mobile App

Digital sketching is more often becoming the first thing a designer does when conceptualising a product, so an intuitive mobile platform to enable this is a wondrous thing – hence our love of the Sketchbook App.

Autodesk’s tablet and smartphone scribbler is one of our favourite tools, and to celebrate its fifth birthday, Autodesk is updating the platform.

It’s a brand new SketchBook for iOS and Android, including Intel-based Android mobile devices, which unites the mobile experience across all platforms, so the same SketchBook app will work on your phone and your tablet.


As a tool for quick concepts Sketchbook Mobile has long been a favourite of all types of designer [and D3D writers on the train into the office this morning]

There’s new tools for the digital artist’s drawing tool kit:
– Layer blending modes including glow and soft glow
– Selection tools for manipulating, transforming, and drawing within specific parts of the image
– All new brushes, including a set of synthetic and smudge brushes (a top community-requested addition)
– Dynamic flood fill tools with solid, linear and radial gradients
– A completely redesigned and customisable UI including the combined Brush and Color Puck enhancements
– An enhanced gallery for an easy way to view, organise and manage sketches
– Optimised for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS8

What started out as an experiment by Autodesk in mobile apps ended up changing the way designers can conceptualise on the move, but also triggered Autodesk to bring many more apps to market.


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