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Proactive ‘Sustainable Innovation Intelligence’ launched

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Dassault Systèmes has launched ‘Sustainable Innovation Intelligence’ on its 3DExperience platform, to help proactively measure the sustainability of design and manufacturing decisions by combining digital twin technology and lifecycle assessment (LCA) capabilities.

The software company says that its new cloud-based solution integrates the Ecoinvent database on the impacts of more than 18,000 industrial and agricultural processes, into virtual design, product development, manufacturing engineering, operations and logistics.

By combining LCA data with virtual twin technology, Dassault says that Sustainable Innovation Intelligence will “empower LCA specialists, industrial designers, product engineers and manufacturing engineers to create circular life cycles by setting up sustainability requirements early on and collaboratively driving them throughout the design, product development and manufacturing engineering phases”.

The software will integrate the supply of materials, design, manufacturing, operations, logistics, sales, marketing, and end-of-life management, providing real-time insights that can allow teams to identify problems or improvements virtually before acting on them, and ensure traceability and reliability.

Sustainable Innovation Intelligence is aimed at helping make decisions earlier in the design process, as Dassault Systèmes looks to enables companies to “drive the circular economy by minimising the environmental impacts of products and processes throughout their entire life cycle”.

Ecoinvent is a not-for-profit founded by the Swiss research institutes ETHZ, EPFL, PSI, Empa and Agroscope, and is devoted to supporting high quality science-based environmental assessments that promote the use of data worldwide for environmental assessments. Sustainable Innovation Intelligence the first software its database features in.

Sustainable Innovation Intelligence launch
Sustainable Innovation Intelligence is set to allow better sustainability decisions earlier in the product development

Ecoinvent interim director Emilia Moreno Ruiz, said: “LCA brings the metrics needed to evaluate environmental impacts across the product lifecycle.  Integrating that with virtual twin technology opens new possibilities to address these impacts early on.


“Collectively building a sustainable economy requires transforming the sustainable innovation process, from extracting raw materials to usage, reuse and recycling,” added Florence Verzelen, executive VP, industry, marketing and sustainability, Dassault Systèmes.

“Whether in manufacturing, infrastructure and cities or life sciences, data science experiences that combine LCA capabilities with virtual twin technology offer companies new ways to innovate by understanding how their decisions affect natural resources, ecosystems and health.

“Through our 3DExperience platform, we aim to help companies contribute to the United Nations’ ‘Decade of Action’ and thrive while doing so.”

Costing and availability of Sustainable Innovation Intelligence is yet to be announced.