B9Creations Scan 500 3D Scanner

B9Creations launches desktop ‘ultra-precision’ 3D Scanner

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B9Creations has launched the B9 Scan 500, a new ‘ultra-precision’ desktop 3D scanner for high detail 3D scans of small objects in under five minutes.

B9Creations Scan 500 3D Scanner in use
B9Creations says that the desktop scanner is capable of producing hi-res 3D scans in under five minutes

Targeted at the jewellery and small engineering component markets, the B9 Scan offers 5 µm accuracy and is complete with an internal computer, with the user requiring only a monitor and a mouse to achieve detailed scans in minutes.

B9Creations suggests that the two-axis 3D scanner based on structured light technology, is ideal for reverse engineering parts, like jewellery bezels, mountings and gemstones to ensure quality fit, aiding repairs or replacements.

The unit can scan parts that are 90 x 80 x 55mm in size, recording data at 25 fps, with files able to be exported in all the usual formats – STL, PLY, OBJ, and ASC.

By packing in the internal power supply and onboard computer into the design of the B9 Scan 500, it is a compact unit capable of fitting neatly on a worktop.

Bundled with the same Leios 2 software as its European cousin, the EGS J-Scan 5, 3D scans, mesh editing, and reverse engineering, can all be quickly managed on the B9 Scan 500.

B9Creations CEO Shon Anderson, said: “At B9Creations, we’re always listening to and leveraging feedback to drive product developments, and the B9 Scan 500 was no exception. We listened to our customers and developed a product that can be leveraged for applications requiring even the highest levels of precision and reliability.”


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