Optis adds mobility to its visualisation tools with Newscape acquisition

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The acquisition should allow for easier manoeuvring of heavy 3D models in virtual reality and mobile scenarios

Visualisation specialist Optis is looking to expand the use of its visualisation tools following the acquisition of Newscape Technology, specialist in the manipulation of heavy 3D models on mobile devices.

Newscape’s focus on the mobile 3D CAD market led to the development of NST3DCAD for meshing optimisation, allowing users to manipulate very heavy models and be used in virtual reality.

In the first phase, Optis will adapt the NST3DCAD to HIM, its immersive virtual reality tool to virtually validate assembly, use, maintenance and disassembly processes and train operators, in a life-size environment.
This will allow Optis’ customers to use heavier models to train people on very large and detailed industrial 3D assemblies, such as passenger planes, liners and power plants, simulating every detail, up to the smallest bolts, adding high realism coming from Optis technology.

“With the rise of the internet, smart phones and other touch screen devices, our customers express a growing need to fully make advantage of these new uses, not only in the commercial and marketing sectors, but also in studies, methodology and processes,” said Optis president and CEO Jacques Delacour.

“Truth is, managing large assemblies on touch screen devices is a real challenge, as they only hold a limited amount of power. And the people at Newscape Technologies have taken up this challenge and have demonstrated remarkable talents in delivering innovative solutions to their clients.”


Companies such as Total, H2X, SMB Offshore and Endel have already adopted NST3DCAD in their processes to take their 3D models out of the design studio and use them as real communication tools.

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