PNY delivers Nvidia 3D Vision stereo glasses for professional Quadro users

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3D is hot news. The film industry has gone 3D crazy, Sky will make TV history on Sunday when it broadcasts its first live 3D football game and now PNY has launched a professional version of Nvidia’s 3D Vision shutter glasses.

The glasses, which have been supported by Nvidia’s consumer-focussed GeForce graphics cards, will now work with Nvidia’s professional Quadro family. This will mean 3D output from a number of professional applications, such as Autodesk’s Maya and Dassault Systemes’ Catia.

The system features Quad Buffered stereo support, which is more advanced than traditional stereo technologies as Laurent Chapoulaud, Marketing Manager EMEA Professional Solutions at PNY Technologies explains, “Quad buffered stereo provides each eye with a unique view from a slightly different perspective by using four buffers (front left, front right, back left, back right) rather than the traditional two buffers (front and back)

“In addition, quad buffered stereo lets users view stereo smoothly either in full screen mode or with multiple windows on their display. This technology provides the highest visual 3D stereoscopic quality required by professionals and enables better productivity during reviews and design iterations.”

Prices start at £169, which is far, far cheaper than professional 3D glasses used to cost.

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