Testing those headphone designs just got creepier

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Microphone specialists GRAS produce an out of the box solution for testing various styles of head- and earphones

You might have a flash design for a pair of cans or earbuds, but how do you make sure they’re working the best? You get out the fake ears.

GRAS’ Kemar Manikin is a creepy head and torso simulator that is factory configured for hearing aid tests, ear- and headphone tests and sound quality recordings.

Obtaining accurate measurements from earbuds and in-ear/on-ear headphones can be hampered by leakage and inaccurate seals, for which this model can be used to test prototypes for, as well as testing the sound technology prowess by using GRAS’ specialist microphone technology inside the head.
This latest version was introduced in 2013, and is available with and without a mouth simulator and is backwards compatible with earlier models.

The design also has some important changes to the pinna (the flappy bit on the side of the head), concha and ear canal, providing significant improvements in the fit, placement and seal of the pinna. This means fewer, but more precise measurements.

For many music lovers using headphones, bass response is important and the new pinna allows for better measuring of low frequencies – including active noise cancelation below 1 kHz. With accurate low frequency response, designers can reduce the test time of these parameters without losing confidence in the measurements.


Originally introduced in 1972 by Knowles Electronics and acquired by GRAS in 2005, the manikin is the industry standard for in-situ anthropomorphic testing of all kinds of hearing instruments and headphones.

This spring, GRAS UK will be embarking on a tour of Universities with the design team addressing the challenges put forward by specific aerospace, automotive, environmental and electroacoustic applications.

If you would like the roadshow to visit your University then please contact GRAS at {encode=”seminars@gras.co.uk” title=”seminars@gras.co.uk”}

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