Free deep dive guide into 3D graphics for virtual desktops

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The report describes five different 3D graphics for virtual desktop concepts in detail. The picture above gives an overview of the concepts.

TeamRGE, a collective of Remote Graphics Experts, has produced a comprehensive ‘deep dive’ white paper into 3D graphics for virtual desktops. The ‘3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown’ is available now as a free download PDF.

At 139 pages it’s a hefty tome but well worth a read if you are looking for an independent overview of GPU-accelerated desktop virtualization solutions and products. In other words, the technologies required to run high-end CAD/CAM applications in virtual desktops.

The paper highlights different 3D graphics concepts and their characteristics.

The white paper aims to educate IT professionals about trends in virtual desktop/application delivery, graphics formats used by applications and the various products/solutions available to assist in the delivery of complex graphical applications, including 3D CAD/CAM/CAE.


Vendors / technologies covered include Citrix, Mainframe2, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, OTOY, VMware Horizon View, HP RGS – Remote Graphics Software, Teradici, Nvidia, AMD, Intel and more.

The founders of TeamRGE and authors of the report are Shawn Bass, Bernhard Tritsch and Ruben Spruijt.

Grab a coffee and download the 3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown white paper

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