PTC ThingWorx 7 launches with enhanced tools for connected products and public cloud support

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ThingWorx 7 sees PTC evolving the tools, and allowing integration with public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services

PTC’s latest version of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, ThingWorx 7, is put forward by the Boston-based company as containing one of the most complete sets of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities.

New features of ThingWorx 7 include an enhanced set of tools for managing connected products, powerful new analytics capabilities, support of public clouds, and simplified platform components that should make it easier for developers to use their preferred tools to experiment with, prototype, and develop new IoT solutions.

ThingWorx 7 will for the first time see the tool integrate with leading public device clouds to provide an open IoT platform for customers, partners, and vendors to help meet their IoT goals, beginning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT.
Companies will be able to use AWS’s device cloud to connect devices, send data to and from a device, and auto-provision the device directly from ThingWorx.

As ThingWorx integrates with additional device clouds, enterprises will be able to select their preferred combination of optimal components from these cloud providers and ThingWorx.

ThingWorx Utilities, formerly ThingWorx Converge, has also been upgraded, and now offers several pre-built tools to help companies manage, monitor, and extract data from their products.


Companies should be able to efficiently define and provision the unique attributes of new intelligent devices using Utilities as they are created, letting them build custom dashboards to visualise the status and performance of their connected products.

A new customisable interface will offer alerts for all connected products not functioning as expected, while users can remotely monitor and manage connected devices, and perform actions such as troubleshooting problems, providing operator assistance, performing training, and supporting other IoT product use cases.

ThingWorx Utilities will also allow users to enable simple mass distribution of digital content to connected devices, such as operating system updates, application upgrades, and software patches.

“ThingWorx 7, rich with new features, allows developers to more easily capitalise on the promise of the Internet of Things by rapidly prototyping and building impactful IoT applications,” said Rob Gremley, president, Technology Platform Group, PTC.

“Smart, connected products and systems are the future, and ThingWorx 7 enables companies to accelerate IoT application development and to fully realise the value of their investment in IoT initiatives.”

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