MakerBot Europe introduces certified service centres

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MakerBot Europe has introduced its first 8 MakerBot Authorized ServiceCenters across Europe

In a move to improve customer service and satisfaction, MakerBot Europe has introduced its first 8 MakerBot Authorized ServiceCenters [sic] in strategically selected locations around Europe.

Placed in existing resellers, the locations are scattered from Belgium to Turkey, with the UK market missing out.

Billed as a point of contact close-by for all MakerBot customers they will handle all customer calls for the new 12-month MakerBot Europe Guarantee and its new European MakerCare Protection Plan.
As Makerbot Europe explained: “To gain the status of a certified MakerBot ServiceCenter their technical support experts took an in-depth certification training at MakerBot Europe headquarters in Stuttgart and their facilities have been audited by the MakerBot experts.

“They all served as MakerBot Resellers for a long time and have proven that they have the technical skills, the manpower as well as the logistics necessary to guarantee services at high MakerBot standards. Customers are expected to profit from quicker response and delivery times and local support.”

For these reasons MakerBot Europe may consider expanding the ServiceCenter program further across more European countries in the future. Fingers crossed Stornaway


“It is great to know that we have the MakerBot Authorized ServiceCenters set up now,” said Valentin Storz, VP operations with MakerBot Europe.

“We believe that the close collaboration between MakerBot Europe and the ServiceCenters will enable our customer to enjoy the best customer experience. I’m happy that we are now starting to set up a system that grants quick and easy support to customers all over Europe.”

The list of ServiceCenters:
Schimautz Ges.m.b.H., Austria; KD85, Belgium; Machines-3D, France; CadXpert, Poland; 3WAY d.o.o., Slovenia; Ultralab S.L., Spain; Alltron AG, Switzerland; 3bFab, Turkey.

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