New partnership sees Theorem Solutions relaunch fresh look Data Exchange Navigator

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Users of Theorem’s CADverter product suite will notice a new graphical user interface, which Theorem claims is vastly improved and offers a more interactive experience as a result of the FEI Open Inventor integration

A new partnership has seen Theorem Solutions able to redevelop and relaunch its Data Exchange Navigator (DXN).

After linking up with FEI Visualisation Sciences Group, a provider of 3D visualisation and analysis software and 3D graphics toolkits, the collaboration has enabled data translation experts Thoerem to integrate the FEI Open Inventor – a 3D software development toolkit – into its portfolio.

The use of the Open Inventor toolkit has also resulted in a new graphical user interface, which is being rolled out with the latest releases of the CADverter product suite.
During the design and manufacturing process, suppliers in a range of industries from automotive to white goods will exchange data with manufacturers. However, often, each operates a different CAD system. This results in the receipt of CAD data in many different formats, which has to be processed before the user is able to begin work.

The data filtering element of DXN provides the ability to view and interrogate at a detailed level, CAD designs and STEP models, without the need for duplicate data files, or additional CAD software licences.

In the area of CAD Data Exchange, component geometry can now be reviewed before and after translation, allowing comparisons and verifications to be undertaken on data received, or about to be supplied.


Theorem also has a number of projects in development that will incorporate the latest data rendering and remote 3D visualisation technologies from FEI’s Open Inventor – a 3D graphics toolkit for industrial-strength application developments.

Watch this video from FEI for an introduction into Open Inventor.


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