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Stratasys and Adobe partnership connects over CMF 3D printing

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Stratasys has officially announced its collaboration with Adobe that gives artists and engineers using Adobe Substance 3D Painter a workflow that allows them turn 3D renderings into accurate 3D-printed models using Stratasys 3D printing technology.

Adobe Substance Stratasys j55 tray
Fitting the different 3D models onto the build tray of the colour Stratasys J55 3D Printer

Adobe Substance 3D tools are used to create renderings for applications such as games, films, fashion, and some product design and consumer packaged goods workflows, which can now enable full colour 3D Printed models using Stratasys Polyjet 3D printers like the J55.

The ability was initially made public in July 2021 via an Adobe blog in which Stratasys showcased how it could design patterns in Adobe Illustrator and then use them to texture a full 3D line of cosmetics packaging, as well as adding text, logos and graphics.

“In the case of consumer packaged goods, the combination of Stratasys 3D printing technology to Adobe Substance 3D Painter (3D painting) and Adobe Illustrator (2D vector graphics) is a true game changer to mix form and graphics together,” said Nicolas Paulhac, former CMF Designer and Head of Content Creation at Adobe 3D.

“The possibilities in terms of colors, pattern and a real step up in terms of surface texture resolution allows designer to take design decisions early in the process. Fabricating high resolution physical twins of pre-concepts in 3D that early will open new fields for creativity for designers as well as reducing project overall costs and timelines.”

Previously, Substance users would need to rely on additional external software applications or processes to prepare designs for 3D printing to realise the colour and texture of their 3D creations. Now, Substance users can seamlessly create, render and export their full-colour models for 3D printing as a 3MF file with physical textures directly from Adobe Substance to their Stratasys PolyJet printer.

“This collaboration has allowed us to see our designs for the very first time in the physical world – which is every artist’s and designer’s dream,” said Pierre Maheut, head of strategic initiatives and partnerships, 3D and immersive, Adobe Substance. “And to be honest, we have gotten a little bit emotional seeing our designs come to life and in a way that is so realistic.”


“After seeing the amazing digital models created in Adobe Substance 3D, we challenged ourselves with being able to 3D print them, identically, in the real world, bringing them to life,” said Pat Carey, senior VP of strategic growth for Stratasys.

“We have not only accomplished our goal but have seen excitement from Adobe about what this means for their Substance users.”

The official Stratasys announcement follows on from the ability to export 3MF files directly from visualisation software Keyshot, which we wrote about here.

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