New compact qFlash 3D scanner from Hexagon Metrology with STL file ability

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The WLS qFLASH, wrapped in a carbon fiber optical housing and employing advanced blue LED high power illumination, is set to become one of the most versatile, portable, medium-sized machines available.

A non-contact, stereo vision system, it is accurate and fast enough for shop-floor work, while shiny objects and surfaces can be measured without treatment.

Among its capabilities of its CoreView 7.0 software is new STL on-the-fly functionality to quickly and seamlessly generate high-quality data in the STL format for reverse engineering applications.
This functionality is generated in the background so it will not slow down qFLASH’s data acquisition, enabling the qFLASH to maintain the white light scanner speed from measurement to actionable data.

The scanner projects a random pattern on a part to be captured by the cameras, and analysed at subpixel level, finding the differences in gray levels.

Using the three cameras for triangulation, a 3D point cloud is reconstructed. Combined with 2D image analysis and propriety algorithms, the WLS qFLASH can extract closed features and edge points/lines without any post processing, such as STL generation, in a robust and repeatable process.

Handheld or used on a mobile pedestal, the overall optical head design is smaller, lighter, and easier-to-handle in limited or confined industrial spaces.


The product also includes a reverse engineering image acquisition mode that utilises the sensor for both fast dimensional measurement and for reverse engineering.

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