More lasers please: The Glowforge is coming…

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We’ve been giddyishly excited about Glowforge since they went public.

After all, if you’ve ever used a laser cutter, you’ll know that these things are incredibly useful – but a royal pain in the arse to use – and that’s very much related to the software, rather than the hardware itself (which is pretty basic).

So when Glowforge started talking about making them cheaper, making the software easier to use, then we started to listen. And the fact that the company has some of the founders and former executives of Makerbot involved, is getting some serious funding, means it stood a damned good chance of getting to market.

Now it looks like they’re taking preorders at a 50% discount – and at $1,995, it’s a bargain.


So it’s with some delight that this video popped up on the (from those two nut-jobs that make Myth Busters).

It’s worth a watch, even if the presenter keeping referring it to as a printer.

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