Lithoz ceramic 3D printers gets a boost from EOS investment

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Lithoz ceramic 3D printers have received investment from EOS’ founder and CEO, boosting the chances of scaling this technology

Lithoz, the TU Vienna spin-off company specialising in high performance ceramic 3D printing, has announced that EOS‘ founder and 3D printing angel investor has invested in the company.

Dr. Hans J. Langer, in his role as founder and CEO of EOS, made the company a world leader in the field of laser sintering. Although no mention of the amount of investment has been made, his participation in Lithoz alone underlines the high potential of its technology.

Lithoz’s patented technology is Lithography based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM)-process, using LED technology to build directly in a number of ceramic materials.

Founder and CEO of EOS, Dr. Hans J. Langer (far right), joins the Lithoz lads for a picture


The high resolution combined with unique materials, including a bone like material called LithaBone that could be used in implants, means that the CeraFab is pretty unique on the market, though competition is growing

That said, there’s high demand for ceramics that can be built without the traditional manufacturing restrictions – high-performance ceramics are not only used in the automotive and aerospace industry, but more frequently they are being seen in medical technology.

Dr Langer agrees: “While EOS is the world leader in the field of laser sintering of metals and plastics, the technology of Lithoz will open up a variety of new technical applications in the field of high-performance ceramics. In my opinion there is great potential for high-performance ceramics in aerospace and medical applications.”


You can find out more about Lithoz and its Cerafab machine in our 3D Printing For Professionals guide – download it free here

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