Layerwise, and its proprietary metal 3D printing process, acquired by 3D Systems

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LayerWise’s metal 3D printing technology produced this complex pure tungsten collimator with 20 loft holes for an MRI scanner

3D Systems has announced that it has acquired Belgium-based LayerWise, a provider of advanced direct metal 3D printing and manufacturing services

LayerWise has had its own proprietary 3D printing processes and machines since 2008, optimised for a variety of metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, hardenable steel, titanium, aluminium and inconel.

With a maximum build area of 270 x 270 x 420 mm and 200 micron minimum wall thickness, 3D Systems has snapped up this technology, and its existing customer base, for its aerospace, medical and dental customers.
“We are delighted to integrate our proprietary direct metal technology and processes into 3D Systems’ leading portfolio of products and services,” said Jonas Van Vaerenbergh, one of LayerWise’s founders in curiously PR-friendly tones.

LayerWise will operate under Vaerenbergh and fellow co-founder Peter Mercelis with orders from 3D Systems to pursue new projects in its high-end target markets.


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