MakerBot loses a figurehead, Stratasys gain an ‘Innovation Lab’

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Bre’s moving to the boardroom, and a secretive new project

Bre Pettis is giving up the day-to-day running of 3D printer company MakerBot, taking a place on the board and fading off into the quiet life. Sort of.

Parent company Stratasys released a statement yesterday underlying the staffing re-jiggle that will see current president of MakerBot Jenny Lawton promoted to CEO, while Bre settles into a wingback armchair, by a crackling fireplace, ballon of brandy in his hand, studying the pink pages…

As the rumours would have it, Bre, his quiff and his new follicle extension – the beard – will be embarking on a new quest: setting up a Stratasys ‘Innovation Lab’.
Recently we’ve spotted Bre ducking around the garages of Local Motors, so we’re praying that we see Stratasys getting involved with projects like this, but as the most marketable figure in the 3D printing industry, it should be interesting to see how things change.

To read our interview with Bre Pettis, click here.


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