Keyshot gets full ‘Enterprise’ integration for Siemens NX

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KeyShot Enterprise offers the full ‘bells and whistles’ for Siemens NX users

Having already announced its integration with Siemens NX in June last year, Luxion has boosted its Keyshot rendering package to offer ‘Enterprise’ level – the full bells and whistles for pro use.

KeyShot HD (basic features), KeyShot Pro (pro features), and KeyShot Pro Floating (floating license + animation features) editions of KeyShot have already been available, but Enterprise adds full KeyShot features with add-ons and a NX software plugin.

The full comparisons between all the packages can be found here, although Enterprise is by far the most comprehensive, as it includes the KeyShot Pro Floating license, KeyShot Animation, KeyShotVR, KeyShot Network Rendering (32 cores) and NX support with LiveLinking.
“We are strongly focused on bringing KeyShot to more 3D professionals”, hooted Luxion CEO and co-founder Claus Wann Jensen.

“With KeyShot integration with NX, NX users gain the integration they desire with more flexibility in creating visuals for the product development process, from concept through marketing.”

“Once again, KeyShot’s simplicity belies its power. The fact that you can load up a model, throw on the materials and textures, chuck in an environment and back plate, and render it, without too much preamble, knob twiddling and general fannying about, is the perfect mix.”


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“There’s a whole bunch of other new bits and bobs coming, covering 2D layout and concept engineering, inspection as well as CAE. It’s clear that NX 10 is looking like a very interesting release.”

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