Esteco collaborative optimisation tools at work for Ford

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The latest generation of Ford cars looks set to benefit from optimisation enabled by Esteco’s software

Ford has adopted Esteco’s collaboration environment based on Somo – enterprise collaboration and distributed execution framework for multidisciplinary product optimisation.

The set-up allows networking between multiple departments and geographically distributed sections of the company, helping achieve institutionalised and transparent management of the engineering MDO design process.

Collecting domain-specific models, integrating them into a large-scale optimisation workflow, preserving and versioning all the data in a central archive as well as sharing results with managers and decision makers: all of these activities can now be efficiently carried out within a single enterprise environment.
“With Ford we had the opportunity to adapt our collaboration technology to a real, multidisciplinary industrial scenario and to prove that an advanced enterprise technology is what you really need to fully exploit a MDO approach,” said Esteco president Carlo Poloni.

“Our longstanding technical partnership with Esteco has enabled us to find a made-to-measure, highly flexible solution that integrates with our IT systems and meets our internal IT policies,” explained Yan Fu, technical leader of business strategy and engineering optimisation at Ford.

“This close technical partnership has brought to life a common vision to expand from the desktop paradigm to a web enabled solution capable of satisfying all design needs of a global enterprise like Ford.”


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