Markforged launch flame retardant version of its Onyx 3D Printing material

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Onyx FR, a new, V-0 rated flame-retardant material designed for industries like aerospace, automotive, and defence has been released by Markforged.

Its first flame-retardant plastic is reinforced with continuous carbon fibre, giving it strength, superior print quality, and a high-quality surface finish – all while resisting fire and propagating a flame.

“With Onyx FR, customers with automotive, aerospace, and defense applications can now make parts that meet fire safety standards. When these parts are reinforced with strands of continuous carbon fiber, they are as strong as aircraft grade aluminum at half the weight,” said Markforged VP of Product Jon Reilly.
Onyx FR will be available to all new and existing Markforged customers with its Industrial Series printers (X3, X5 and X7) and can be ordered on Markforged’s webstore or through a local Value Added Reseller.