.design or .engineering? New domain names look to help you stand out among the 284 million

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A specific domain name might be a better way of standing out

At the start of this year, over 284 million web domains were registered globally, and with everyone fighting for a piece of our industry, is a new suffix likely to help your company?

Domain specialists 123-Reg have began offering domain names such as .design, .engineering, .digital, and the slightly more fruity .xxx, and expect that as the global demand for generic domains grow, specialist domain names will offer the opportunity to carve a niche in the online marketplace.

“While generic domains are great multi-purpose business domains, they don’t make what you do clear in the same way that a specialist domain can,” says 123-Reg’s Nick Leech. “By selecting an extension in your specific area, such as .design, you can convey a sense of expertise in your field.”
Leech explains that it is important to decide which domain best describes your business. For example, if you’re a pub owner, would you pick .pub or .food? .food would have a broader reach but .pub would be more specific to your business and send a clearer message to consumers.

“Selecting a new domain is about more than just your online portfolio. It is about building your brand and extending your appeal to new customers.”

Leech’s advice is to give your brand the best chance to grow and expand to different markets, choose a more generic domain. “Remember, a domain is an investment in your business and, if you can only afford one, it’s a choice that should be carefully thought through with an understanding of the results you want to achieve.”


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