Inspiration: Who the F*** is El Solitario?

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If you read about design and the figureheads in today’s industry, you’ll probably come up with a list that can be counted on one hand (assuming you’ve not lost your pinky in a bar fight).

Apple’s Jony Ive, Dieter Rams from Braun, Yves Behar, Marc Newson, etc. etc. etc. You know the score.

But what connects these folks is that. while their work (or more accurately that of their teams) is similar, follows today’s design cues and customer’s requirements. It’s electronics, packaged.


Nice packaging yes, but we’re talking mass produced items for mass volume sales. Their very function requires that they have a certain similarity, a common requirement to serve a function across multiple geographies, across multiple age groups.

And if I’m honest, they’re all quite boring (even if I might have previously said otherwise).

So today, we give you a short video about a small motorcycle garage in Spain. Headed up by David Borras, El Solitario MC has been kicking up a storm in the small, but ever changing world of custom motorcycle building for a few years.


Whether you love its work or hate it (and this is seriously Marmite), you have to admire the man’s vision.

Watch. Read the subtitles and learn what the Spanish is for “Pudding, Drink and a Cigar”.

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