Objet launches smaller size multi-material prototyping machine with Connex350

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Objet Geometries has just launched the Connex350, the follow up to the Connex 500 that allows you to simultaneously print multiple materials with different mechanical and physical properties.

Based on the same core PolyJet Matrix technology, Connex350 brings greater affordability, with a smaller build tray size (350x350x200mm). For those unaware of it, the Connex machines can replicate a huge range of different materials (read: different Shore hardnesses) in a single build by mixing how Objet’s FullCure materials are jetted to create different composites. The two FullCure model materials are jetted from designated nozzles according to location and model type, providing full control of their structure and mechanical properties.

The combination of rubberlike, flexible material and rigid material allows users to print models for a wide variety of applications, from coating and shock absorbers to living hinges and gaskets – and excels at replicating the feel and tactile response of over moulded or multi-stage injection moulded components – something which is very time consuming and labour intensive to prototype using vacuum casting. The device will be on show next week at Dassault Systemes DEVCON event in Velizey (that’s in France) – I’ll be there briefly, so say hi if you spot me.

On other Objet related notes, the company has recently launched a number of plug-ins for 3D design systems that give you control over your builds directly from within your CAD system. There’s currently three CADMatrix plug-ins available for Inventor, Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks. More details here.


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