Pocket-sized handheld 3D scanner launched by Scoobe3D

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A pocket-sized 3D scanner combining three technologies – time of flight, photogrammetry and 3D by polarisation – has been launched by German start-up Scoobe3D.

With the demand for digitising objects still growing, the pocketable Scoobe3D bills itself as an affordable, easy to use tool that can make quick data captures, using the cloud to process information and store it.

Its designers state that the standalone device’s technology is accurate to 0.1mm, while the scan volume maxes out at 2 x 2 x 2m, and files can be exported as an STL or OBJ direct to a 3D printer from the handset.
Regarding part size, Scoobe3D says that currently the maximum part size is set to around 72m x 3m for the Scoobe3D Premium model, while the scanning app is designed with an open API, which would allow for larger scans to be merged if programmed to do so.

The Scoobe3D has launched on Kickstarter, with prices beginning at €499.

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