Onshape launches first live collaborative 3D CAD editing app for Magic Leap

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An example of the Magic Leap hardware running an F1 car CAD model in the Onshape App

A new Onshape app will support live 3D editing of CAD models, with design changes updated in real time through Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset.

The product design app is for Magic Leap’s ‘spatial computing universe’ and is specifically designed for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, a lightweight head mounted display that allows digital content to step out of the screen and appear in the real world.

What Onshape hopes will set it apart from other CAD VR apps is seemingly its Cloud-based system and the ability for users to bring life-size 3D CAD models into their physical surroundings and collaborate with other Magic Leap wearers on design changes.
“This is far more powerful and impactful than being able to merely view static, already-completed designs,” said Onshape CEO Jon Hirschtick. “Using our modern CAD system’s real-time collaboration tools, even team members based in different parts of the world will instantly see each other’s updates.”

A preview for Onshape for Magic Leap is due to take place at the L.E.A.P. Conference in Los Angeles, where Magic Leap is streaming its keynote addresses live.

“The spatial computing universe has the potential to transform every industry,” said Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz, a former DEVELOP3D LIVE keynote speaker. “Along with our other development partners, Onshape is helping us discover new applications and markets for Magic Leap One. I look forward to helping them continue to shake up the world of design and manufacturing.”


How this all plays out in the long term, beyond the developer version of the Magic Leap system, will be an interesting addition to Onshape’s progress as the ‘modern CAD’ company.

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