GE Aviation launches metals 3D Printing take off with $1.4B takeover of Arcam and SLM Solutions

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The takeover of two metals additive manufacturing companies should see more 3D printed parts in the skies

GE Aviation has announced its decision to launch a takeover of SLM Solutions, a Germany-based leader in metals 3D printing, and Swedish metals 3D printing experts Arcam, for a combined $1.4B as it furthers strategy to become a ‘digital industrial company’.

Both SLM Solutions and Arcam have a heavy presence in producing aerospace components, while they will open inroads for further GE businesses with their combined knowledge of medical, automotive and defence uses.

Hans-Joachim Ihde, founder of SLM Solutions Group, expressed his pleasure at the news, explaining that GE had been a customer since the outset of the company: “They assumed a pioneering role in aerospace technology and were early to identify the benefits of selective laser melting – for example in terms of savings in the weight of components.”

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