New UV-curable, liquid plastic welder Bondic

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We’ve been enamoured by Sugru for some time now, but when it comes to needing a more discreet direct fix we think we might have found it – Bondic.

This plastic welder remains fluid until exposed to UV light (in the form of the handy LED torch that comes with each packet) where it sets into solid plastic in four seconds.

It can be used in the same scenarios as super glue, but also repair objects where plastic needs to be refilled in a scratch, is water and heat resistant, and can even be used for manually building objects – like 3D printing with resins, but without the machine.
This last point makes it a versatile tool – useful for creating eye hooks or small custom items that can not only set in seconds to be used, but can also be successfully cast in metal should the need arise.

Other than that, we expect it to become a standard tool in ever model maker and prototyper’s arsenal!

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