Free UK trial to test out remote delivery of CAD applications

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If you’re a CAD user or developer and want to dip your toes into remote CAD on demand you may well be interested in a free trial being held by UK-based consultancy, OpenBoundaries.

OpenBoundaries uses Citrix and Nvidia GRID technologies and hopes to gain insight into how its remote delivery systems are sized, benchmarked and optimised

The company is looking for real CAD users so it can see how the technology works with genuine workflows – modelling, blend/fillet, extrude, etc – not just viewing parts.

According to Citrix’s Rachel Berry on her informative blog, past trials have involved applications such as Autodesk Inventor and Revit but OpenBoundaries is also looking to widen the range of applications and to hear from software vendors who’d like to trial virtualising their applications.

You can read more about OpenBoundaries here.

Sign up for the trial by emailing

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