Transport: PriestmanGoode’s new designs for London Underground trains

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Design agency PriestmanGoode has launched its visualisation for its planned redesign of the New Tube for London passenger trains

PriestmanGoode is working with Transport for London on the design vision for the New Tube for London, the next generation deep level underground trains for the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City Lines.

Not to be outshone by Barber & Osgerby’s announcement of their work for London’s new underground network, Crossrail, PriestmanGoode has already launched a visualisation of its proposed designs, featuring a walk-through design, air-cooled cars, digital screens to enable live updates, wider doors to facilitate quicker turnaround times at stations and increased capacity.

The overall design is inspired by contemporary London, its culture and architectural landmarks, and iconic British transport design.

New Tube for London designed by PriestmanGoode. from Priestmangoode on Vimeo.

Natural finishes and materials in a palette of colours including charcoal, warm grey and oxblood were derived from looking at heritage and contemporary architecture and landmarks in London.


“London’s Tube is one of the most iconic trains around the world. We are proud to have designed something that it is part of the very fabric of London life, celebrating all that’s great about London’s environment; cutting edge technology, rich history and diversity,” said founder Paul Priestmann.

“The New Tube for London will take the city into the future by enriching the everyday journey of its passengers.”

The new interiors feature ‘halo’ lights, natural finishes and wider doors to aid entering and leaving the train

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