Competition is the bees knees

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Sadly we’re a bit late with this, which is a shame as the InMidtown Habitats competition is something quite summery in the present grim winter conditions – it’s a beehive design competition run by InMidtown and the Architecture Foundation.

InMidtown is the Business Improvement District (BID) body for the London areas of Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles, and it has descided to push on with its sustainable and environmental ideas.

As well as its ‘Zero to Landfill’ waste package scheme and cost-saving Better Buying initiative, it’s taking a stand for the little things – namely bees – and has invited designs for office block friendly beehives.

If you have a design already hanging around (and worryingly, I know a couple of people that do!), the last chance for submissions is Monday, 28 November 2011, with registration and payment to be completed by tomorrow Wednesday, 23 November. Prototypes are to be made of a shortlist of entries in time for final judging in February.
The competition follows InMidtown’s bee keeping initiative where the BID installed beehives onto the rooftops of member businesses whilst offering bee keeper training to employees.

If you happen to work in this area and would like to be part of InMidtown’s hive of bee keepers its current hives are free, so if you reckon you have room for one or two on your roof or would simply like to know more, email


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