The big 3D printing survey: cast your votes

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Those nice people over at Econolyst are running an annual Big 3D Printing Survey to find out what motivates people to use 3D printing and to try to understand how the market is growing.

Last year’s survey had over 3,000 respondents and gave some really interesting insights into 3D printing’s uses in industry and by consumers.

For this year’s survey, they’d like to hear from people who use 3D Printing (whether that’s at home, work or school) as well as people who use online services to print out parts for them.

It’ll take a few minutes of your time and there are $150 vouchers for either Shapeways or Faberdashery up for grabs for those that complete it – find it here.

Econolyst’s Dr Phil Reeves features in this month’s DEVELOP3D special 3D printing special edition – free to download here – and will also be speaking at DEVELOP3D LIVE on 15 April, so feel free to come along and chat to him about the research going on at Econolyst and how it might help your business.