3D Printshow + 3D4D Challenge hit the Capital

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Putting aside the increasing grumbling about how over-hyped 3D printing has become in recent months, London gets its very own 3D Printshow beginning tomorrow at The Brewery, Chiswell Street.

Running from 19 – 21 October, it promises some excellent speakers from around the world, a 3D-printed fashion show, band and to be a ‘bright and engaging experience’ (which compared to most trade events should translate as ‘less people trying to flog machinery, more education and inspiration’).

It even comes with the added bonus of the final of the 3D4D Challenge – proof that a lowly 3D printer can make a change to the world.
The full list of finalists – including special 3D printed shoes for Africa and a low cost solar tracker – can be found here, but we’re backing Fripp Design and Research from the UK, which are working on an idea to use 3D printing technology to enable the developing world to rapidly manufacture soft tissue prosthesis, at minimal expense.

Meanwhile, we’ll be looking to see another engaging talk from longtime DEVELOP3D favourite Jason Lopes from Legacy Effects, plus some interesting presentations from major engineering companies, 3D printer firms, and even a palaeontologist.

There’s also some great seminars and workshops for makers and hobbyists – to which our guide to TCT Live still applies.



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