Fusion 360 PCB Part Library

New Fusion 360 PCB Part Library from SnapEDA

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SnapEDA, a search engine for electronics design, has released Fusion 360 PCB Part Library app in collaboration with Autodesk.

This SnapEDA for Autodesk Fusion 360 app integrates SnapEDA’s database directly within Fusion 360, enabling electronics engineers and designers to search and place millions of electronic component models, including symbols, footprints, and 3D models, directly within the Fusion 360 environment.

Creating CAD models is a time-consuming and error-prone process. SnapEDA provides engineers with ready-to-use CAD models, aiming to save engineers time while allowing them to create more impactful products.

SnapEDA claim that over a million engineers use its search engine each year, with Autodesk’s user community making up over 20 per cent of that audience.

“Fusion 360 is on the forefront of MCAD and ECAD integration. Autodesk is rethinking the electronic design experience from first principles, breaking down barriers we previously accepted as status quo,” said SnapEDA CEO Natasha Baker.

“This resonates with us at SnapEDA, where we are taking a similar approach as we pioneer the electronics design data space. We are honored to jointly serve Fusion 360 users with this complementary offering.”

“As products get more sophisticated and complex, it’s increasingly critical that the process of designing integrated electronics and PCBs be efficient, accurate, and seamless,” said Srinath Jonnalagadda, Autodesk VP of business strategy and marketing for Fusion 360.


“Our collaboration with SnapEDA puts its robust libraries of part models easily at the fingertips of Fusion users, immediately benefiting the engineers and designers who are building the future.”

Using the app is simple. Engineers simply search for the part they need, either using the manufacturer part number or a keyword, such as ‘USB type c connector.’ After selecting a part, they can either place it directly in their designs or add it to their library.

The library is then synced with Library.io to enable corporate sharing or syncing with other Autodesk tools such as Eagle.

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