DST SimWise 4D expands its offerings to include FEA, Optimisation and CAD integration

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Despite calling itself a ‘value proposition’ DST SimWise 9.5 crams a lot into one package

Billing itself as the ‘affordable and flexible physics based simulation software for the professional and education markets’, DST has announced the availability of SimWise v9.5.

The release expands the FEA, CAD integration, and interoperability capabilities of the product, while optimisation tools have been improved to allow DSTDimension and other parameters from select CAD systems to be transferred to SimWise and used as optimisation variables.

The release introduces a new 3D FEA mesh generator from which users are told they can expect quicker results from FEA, Motion plus FEA simulations and optimisations that include FEA results.

An idea of how SimWise can enter your optimisation workflow


Geomagic joins Solidworks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor and SpaceClaim Engineer in having a dedicated plug-in that transfers the CAD model to SimWise in an associative manner. In addition assembly constraints and design variables are also transferred and the variables can be used in optimisation runs.

Solid Edge parts and assemblies can now be opened directly, and the assembly hierarchy is now transferred from all of the of the CAD files that can be opened directly by SimWise.

Version 9.5 also introduces support for 3Dconnexion’s 3D mice, letting the user pan, zoom and rotated models at any time, and assign SimWise commands to programmable buttons.

“We continue to add to our value proposition,” said Alan Wegienka, DST president. “More capabilities, more CAD systems, and more opportunities to improve your designs.”


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