Impec Lamborghini – for those who love bikes, love beautiful design and have €25,000 spare

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My jaw almost hit the desk when I saw how much this bicycle was retailing for. That is a ridiculous amount to pay for something that has no engine and only two wheels! But then again this isn’t any ordinary bike.

The Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec is what you get when you combine the talents of an Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini, with those of the Swiss bicycle manufacturer, BMC, lauded for its cutting-edge race bikes.
In justification of the price BMC states that, “An exclusive set of Italian made components equip the impec frame, which is then painstakingly painted to highlight the precise carbon assembly while at the same time linking the complete work to Lamborghini’s Aventador dream car.”

Details from the Aventador, which is also a beautiful design (below), have been carried over to the Impec.

For instance, the same leather used in the supercar’s seats have been used for the bike’s cockpit and saddle. Although the colours aren’t the same, the bike makes a rather bold statement in its sleek black and neon yellow, much like the car does.

There will only be 50 of these bikes produced on a made-to-order basis so if you’re interested you better get in quick… we can but dream.


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